Monday, January 20, 2014

BBQ Pork Ribs

1)      Start with 8 lbs pork ribs (about three full racks) 

2)      Generously apply dry rub (of your choosing or from recipe below) and allow to rest overnight or at least 2 hours before smoking.
3)      Set up your smoker with 2-zone/ indirect heat method. water pans are optional 
4)      To light the charcoal I prefer to use a Charcoal Chimney starter and the Minion Method
             a)    The Minion Method for lighting charcoal is great for a “slow-low” cook,  start by filling your chimney             started with ¼ - 1/3 of the charcoal you plan on using. and the rest in your charcoal basket of piled               on the side of the grill where your heat source is.
             b)    Woodchips, I like to use chunks of cherry, maple pecan, or hickory with my fuel source. Place a                   handful of wood chunks on top of the unlit coal.
             c)     Light the chimney starter with 2-3 sheets of newspaper in the bottom chamber and once the                         charcoal is glowing red, carefully pour the lit coals on to the unlit coals, in my experience this will                   yield a temp between 225-275 degrees F. It is easier to start with a cold fire and heat it up than is to             try and cool down a hot fire down.
A few sheets of newspaper in the bottom chamber of the charcoal chimney. 
5)      Allow your grill to heat up before you place your ribs on.  I wait until the grill thermometer reads in between 225-275 F before placing the ribs on. To help maintain these temps I have the bottom and top vent just under half-way open.
 6)      Place your ribs on the side of the grill opposite of     your fuel source, this will allow you to cook using     indirect heat. 


7)      Place the lid of your grill on with the vents half open and above your ribs. This will help pull the smoke and heat over the ribs.  see image below- courtesy of

8) Allow the ribs to smoke for 3-4 hours monitoring the temp and adjusting the vents as needed to maintain a steady temperature, close to 250 F. 
9) Enjoy!
BBQ Dry Rub

¼ Cup brown Sugar
¼ Cup Kosher Salt
1 Tbs. Smoked, or regular Paprika
1 Tbs. Dry Oregano
1 Tbs. Onion Powder
½ Tbs. Mustard Powder
½ Tbs. Garlic Powder
½ Tbs. Black Pepper
½ Tbs. Cumin 

Blend all ingredients together in a bowl or using a food processor.

I have used this rib for Pork and beef ribs as well as for larger cuts like pork shoulder/butts. 

Apply rub to meat at least two hours before smoking or allow to rest over night.